App Usage Survey

Hi, thanks for taking the time to complete this short little survey on you and how you use apps on your iPhone. The survey is divided into 3 parts. The first part is about the apps you use. The second part is about the apps you've downloaded. And the third part is about you. If you complete the survey, there's a spot at the end where you can input your email address to be entered into a drawing for a $15 iTunes gift card (US iTunes Accounts only - sorry, we have no way to purchase iTunes gift cards in other countries). All questions in the first 2 sections are required.
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About Your Daily Use

In this section, we're asking questions only about the devices that you currently use and apps that you currently have installed on your device.

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About Your Past App Usage

In this section, we're asking about devices that you have used and apps and games that you've downloaded. This includes items that you may have downloaded but no longer have installed on your device.

About You

In this section, we'd like to know a little more about you. All questions in this section are optional, but will help us with building out our site.

Enter The Contest?

If you'd like to enter the contest for a $15 iTunes gift card, please enter your email address below.

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