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The purpose of this form is to submit proposals for the development of editorial content (manuscripts, podcasts, videocasts, etc.) for publication at Backpacking Light. This form is required for all proposals. We review proposals on a weekly basis, and will generally approve or reject proposals within 30 days of receipt. Our CORE Mission: Backpacking Light's editorial mission is to promote (1) MULTI-DAY, (2) BACKCOUNTRY TRAVEL IN A (3) LIGHTWEIGHT, (4) SELF-SUFFICIENT ("BACKPACKABLE") STYLE. Proposals that address topics covering all of these four areas will be given the highest priority. By submitting this proposal, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. Backpacking Light offers honoraria to our authors as a means of saying "thank you". Honoraria ranges between $18.75 and $150.00 based on article type and word count. We pay the highest rates for technical reviews, reports, and state of the market reports. Invoices will be entered into our system on the date your article is published, and paid within 14 business days. 2. You agree to the terms and conditions as set forth in our Contributor Agreement: 3. Invoice payment will be made via electronic means only (ACH deposit to US Banks for US Authors and Paypal only for non-US authors). You must include all relevant personal information below in order to receive payment. This form is secured via SSL, and your information will always remain absolutely private. 4. You agree to submit your story (including a manuscript that has been copy edited and that meets our Editorial Guidelines, as well as all photos, video, and other supporting materials) before the Target Submission Date that you specify below. View our Editorial Guidelines here:
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