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Use this form to request the creation of a keyword/key-phrase match on the CPCC website search (powered by Google). Key matches are created for a limited time based on the following criteria: * Information that is not able to be indexed by the search engine (e.g. Web Advisor/MyCollege) * Specific marketing campaigns * Information related to a special event Key matches are setup for a limited time. Keywords required to be in place for more than four weeks must be approved by the Web Advisory subcommittee of the Tech team (this team meets quarterly). The search engine indexes the CPCC website multiple times per day. If your website/web page is not appearing where you would like it within the search results it is due to problems in the content/layout of page the majority of the time. Key words will not be created due to negative search results. We recommend the following to help your page perform better within the college search engine (as well as external search engines): * Ensure the title of your page is descriptive of the content (e.g. if your page it talking about how to become a nurse it should be title "How to Become a Nurse" not "Programs of Study"). * Keep your content concise and to the point. Web users tend to have a very short attention span, keep it simple and to the point. * Only link to relevant information. If you are going to place a link on your web page, make sure it is to something relevant to the page (e.g. if describing lawn care, don't link to dell computers) * Keep your content up-to-date. The fastest way for your content to become hard to find is for it to get out-of-date. Check your content for accuracy at least once per month. * Use video/pictures/audio in moderation. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. * Do not post information in a PDF or Word Document (or any other office document for that matter). It is hard for the user to download it, they may not have the program and it defeats the purpose of the web. Post it on a web-page unless you have no other choice. * Work with Web Services to make your website clean and easy to navigate. Web Services will be happy to assist in making your website better and easier to find, just contact extension 5000 and ask for website assistance. Please complete the form below to request your key match (note: not all key matches are approved based on the phrase, timing, and other factors). You will be notified of the setup, approval and status of your keyword after completing the form below:
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