Copy of CC0-CCi Jurisdiction Feedback

Dear Survey Participants, This survey was first prepared in response to requests by CC Jurisdiction Team Project Leads at the 2008 iSummit in Sapporo, Japan to analyze the legal framework in which the CC0 waiver would operate. The results of that first survey are available on our wiki at We have reposted the survey for those who wish to add information about jurisdictions not included in the first survey responses and for those who wish to add further information or comments about jurisdictions that were included. While completion is optional, we ask that if you choose to participate in the survey, you respond to as many questions as possible with respect to the laws in your jurisdiction. In the course of filling out the survey, please include links to relevant statutes and decisional law whenever appropriate. Note that if you answer the questions below in more than a single submission, please make sure that you supply the same name, email and jurisdiction/country on each submitted form so that we can associate them with you. Thank you for your ongoing support of CC. Diane Peters, General Counsel
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