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This is a temporary form designed to assist the cluster management team with cluster account requests. Individuals wishing to use the newly installed cluster in Drinko Library are required to provide valid information below. Once your request is submitted, please allow five (5) business days to process your requests. Note that account creation is expedited for any approaching CI-TRAIN seminars. You may be contacted during this time via telephone and or email to verify your identity and request. Once your request has been processed, you will be contacted via email and given instructions on how to connect to the cluster. Please note that you are not permitted to share your account on the cluster with any other individuals (including other Marshall University faculty, staff, and or students) and are responsible for any actions performed on the cluster associated with your account. If you suspect your account login information has been compromised by another individual, please contact UCS.
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WebMO is a web-based application designed to make computational chemistry easy and approachable by students and instructors alike. Built with an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface, WebMO allows the user to perform ab initio, semi-empirical and molecular mechanics calculations using a spectrum of different programs including NWChem, GAMESS, MOPAC and TINKER. An Enterprise version of WebMO is installed on Marshall’s new HPC cluster.

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