Google Earth Lesson Plan Submission

Thanks for your interest in submitting a Google Earth Lesson Plan! We are now accepting more lesson plans to be hosted in our Google Earth Educators Community Resource Center. If you would like to submit a lesson plan, you must follow this template: You can copy and paste the template into a Google Docs Document and add your content to the document. Feel free to include images to help illustrate your instructions and evaluation. We require that you add a Creative Commons license to your lesson plan so that other educators may use and share your lesson plan. We recommend the Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license, but you may review the different Creative Commons licenses here: You can choose to have the Google Earth Education team add the Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license in the following submission form. Remember to PUBLISH your Google Docs Document and submit the published URL, otherwise we will not be able to review your lesson plan. We will contact you via your supplied email address if we will use the lesson plan. Thanks for your interest, The Google Earth Education Team Google's use of this data is governed by our privacy policy found at
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