Graphicly Android Beta

This is the super secret, double dog daring form to get into the Graphicly Android Beta, or as we like to call it the SSDDDFTGITGAB. A couple of points before you fill this out. The android app is NOT DONE. Its actually not even really a Beta, more of an Alpha. The only sections that work are the Collection and the Reader. (Told ya it was early). What does that mean: * You have to be a Graphicly user to use the application. * You have to own comics bought through Graphicly. * You will be able to read only comics (free comics work too) that you bought through one of the other Graphicly applications. * It will break, crash, burn, work in weird ways, not do what you think it should. What are we asking of you: * let us know of any and all errors * let us know what you like and what you hate * show it to other people, get their reactions to it * break it and then tell us how you broke it * If you blog, tweet or facebook about it, just remember that I prefer pictures from the left side as it shows off the twinkling in my eyes (and hides the bags from too many all nighters) You will get an email reminding you of all this, but I wrote it here because I want you to know that this is not just some scam "private beta" bs. Its really to help us understand what is working and what isnt. Thanks for your help!! micah
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