Rhodes &/or Marshall 2012 Application Process for 2013-14 Placement

Please complete this form if you have made the decision to proceed with the application process in 2011 for either or both scholarships. You are always free to change your mind at a later date. You should have at least four references for Marshall and five for Rhodes lined up before completing this form. Hope advisers usually require you to submit the maximum number of allowed references for each.
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Faculty Referees: Enter your minimum up to EIGHT

Please list the email addresses of Hope faculty referees (aka references) you have spoken with about writing a recommendation for you. Talk to your referees early and in person unless you are off-campus. You are strongly encouraged to use only Hope faculty. Please enter at least four emails for Marshall and five for Rhodes. If instructions give you a range, submit more than the minimum aiming for the maximum allowed. You should be able to edit this form later as things change -or- by emailing CrossRoads@hope.edu to let us know who should be removed &/or added.

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