Energy Conservation Pledge

I understand that energy consumption affects our natural environment and human health and well being. I pledge to make every effort to support Luther College’s commitment to energy conservation and to set a good example for the Luther College community. I pledge that I will strive to: * Read the College’s Dorm and Living Space Energy Conservation Tips ( and/or the Workplace Energy Conservation Tips ( and do my best to apply the practices outlined therein. * Use lights only when necessary (while not jeopardizing safety). * Turn lights out as I leave rooms empty or in empty rooms I pass, and encourage others to do the same. * Switch to CFL bulbs when old light bulbs burn out. * Close windows and doors to prevent the loss of air conditioning and heat. * Avoid using heating and air conditioning whenever possible. * Routinely shut off and unplug electrical devices when they are not in use in personal areas (not in common areas - these devices have been programmed to shut off after specific amounts of time) * Turn off, hibernate or put to sleep computers when they are not in use in personal ares (not in common areas - computers have been programmed to shut off after specific amounts of time) * Learn how to change the power settings on my computer to “energy saver”; see for details. If you use Datatel, you might need to set your computer to specific power settings, see for more information. * Limit the number of loads of laundry I do and use of the dryer. * Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. * Use water (especially hot water) sparingly. * Avoid driving personal vehicles whenever possible. Take advantage of Luther's transportation options such as Rideshare, U Car Share, Bike Share, and shuttle services, visit for more information. * Communicate facility operations problems using (i.e., climate control problems, lighting problems, leaky faucets). * Encourage my peers to take this pledge and follow these best practices.
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