---New CCSF Website Training for Departments--- 2011

These sessions are for Department and program websites. Step 1: If you don't yet have a CMS account, open the Request for Web Content Management Account form: http://www.ccsf.edu/content/dam/Organizational_Assets/Department/TLC/cms/prereg/cms-pre-reg-form.pdf Step 2: Fill in your information (you'll have to add your signature after you print the form). Step 3:Print out the form. Sign and obtain other necessary signatures. Step 4:Send completed form to the address on the form by the deadline for whatever training you choose (generally 1 week before the training). Important: Late receipt of the form means that you will not have an account or seat for the training. Step 5:Please sign up for the 3-session training that is convenient for you. ALL 3 classes are necessary for full understanding and optimum use of the new system. Even (or especially!) if you are an expert in HTML or Dreamweaver: this is something completely different! You don't need to sign up for more than one series; each series repeats the same material. We have also scheduled some focused, follow-up sessions for those who have completed a training series to help with your ongoing work. Even if you've already gone through training before, you are welcome to sign up here again. Or, you may take a "refresher" course listed below. IMPORTANT: When you have filled out this form, go all the way down to the bottom and click the SUBMIT button. Otherwise your information won't get sent
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