Looting The American Dream: Prevent the bail out of Chrysler and GMAC

If you are opposed to the Government's bailout of Cerberus Capital Management, the owner of GMAC and Chrysler please join our petition. Cerberus Capital Management the multi-billion dollar vulture hedge fund has made billions of dollars for it's owner Steve Feinberg and the hedge fund's wealthy investors by taking advantage of other companies going bankrupt. Now that Cerberus is faced with massive losses they want help from the US Taxpayer. It is ironic that Cerberus Capital Management's founder Steve Feinberg, well known for his ruthless and cutthroat style of vulture investing is now looking for the US Taxpayer to bail him out. Cerberus Capital Management has made billions of dollars by wiping out share holders, pensions, laying off employees and liquidating companies without a second thought. Steve Feinberg is known throughout Wall Street and the investment community as one of the meanest, vindictive and ruthless investors in the world. He has benefited personally over the years by taking advantage of others who had fallen on hard times. He is known to have always extracted maximum pain when following his "Loan to Own" investment thesis. For more information on Cerberus Capital Management follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus_Capital_Management . For more information on Steve Feinberg follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Feinberg . Join us in out fight against bailing out one of the richest men in America, Steve Feinberg, his losing investment in Chrysler and GMAC and the multi-millionaire investors in Cerberus Capital Management. Fill in the form below and we will make sure that your Congressional representatives know how you feel.
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