Open Research Computation - Presubmission Independent Code Audit

Your have been asked to confirm that the source code as available at the public repository on a specific date is documented to standards consistent with appropriate best practice for the language and research domain and that appropriate tests are in place and are passed by the source code as presented. You are not required to comment on code elegance, details of implementaton, or other issues, although such input is welcome. Your input will be used by the software's authors to make improvements to their testing and documentation and used to support a submission to Open Research Computation. We thank you for your efforts in improving the quality and re-usability of software and services for research.
* Required

Code audit

Open Research Computation requires high standards of documentation and testing for the software described in articles. The default requirements is documentation to a standard consistent with best practice for the language and research domain, automated tests covering 100% of public methods and classes, and the provision of sufficient example input and output data to enable the user to fully explore the system.


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