Speaker & Presenter Survey (Alumni)

Throughout any given academic year, SUNY Oswego features speakers, visiting scholars, alumni- in- residence, guest presenters, Commencement speakers, and honorary degree recipients. These individuals offer our college community their expertise, talent and skills and often provide important and inspiring messages of achievement, success and the human condition. The profile of the institution, and the value of your SUNY Oswego degree are enhanced with the rising caliber of these special individuals. Of particular note, annually we have the opportunity to bestow the honorary doctoral degree as the highest form of recognition offered by the State University of New York to persons of exceptional distinction. The awarding of honorary degrees has a designated process established by SUNY to recognize excellence in the fields of the degrees authorized at State University campuses as well as business, philanthropy, public affairs, and public service (the science, humanities, and the arts, scholarship and education, business and philanthropy, and social services) which exemplify the mission and purposes of SUNY. In addition, we often feature Commencement speakers to offer words of wisdom to our graduates. We welcome the input of our vibrant alumni community – 75,000 strong spread throughout the country and the world – to identify those individuals whom YOU would propose to receive an honorary degree, be a Commencement speaker and/or come to SUNY Oswego to provide a benefit to our students. Please complete the survey below and make your responses as detailed as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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