Application to Adopt or Foster

This questionnaire is intended to gather information about you in order to determine if a pet that best fits your household is available for adoption or foster care. You cannot complete this application for another person. The right to refuse any placement, foster care or adoption for any animal is reserved. Refusal is within the discretion of adoption counselors. Answer the questions below for the primary adopter and the physical location where the animal will reside. FOSTERING: If you have never fostered a homeless pet before, you should know that it is a very rewarding experience, but it's very much like adding another pet to your home - only this one is temporary. We ask every foster family to treat their foster pet as if it's their own, a member of their family. Foster families must provide a loving home (inside the house), food, water, play and lots of TLC. Paws for Life provides routine medical care and tracks what is due and when. If an emergency arises, take the pet to the closest emergency vet and immediately call Paws for Life. When an adoption event is scheduled, you'll be notified and we'll arrange to get your pet to and from the event. Outside of adoption events, if an approved application is received, we'll arrange a meet-n-greet with the pet and prospective adopter, based on the schedule of the prospective adopter, you and Paws for Life. We prefer to take the pet to the adopter's home, but in some cases it isn't possible and we may ask to do the meet-n-greet in your home. Some pets adjust faster than others when entering a new environment. Their world is small and when it completely changes - new people, new smells, new home, new routine, new everything - it's scary. Some pets adjust after only a few days. Some cats hide for weeks. Some dogs are more needy than usual for a month. Be prepared for an adjustment period. Be patient. Make sure the pet eats and drinks. And call Paws for Life if you are concerned or unsure what to do to help. Fostering a pet saves a life. Thank you for that gift.
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My signature and/or submission of this questionnaire verifies that all statements given here are complete, accurate and true and that I have answered thoroughly and honestly. I have not misconstrued, omitted or answered deceitfully in any way. I also give consent for adoption counselors to contact landlords, associations and veterinarians, and to visit my home in the future for a home check. I further certify that I am financially and physically able to care for this animal. I understand that proper food and veterinarian care can be costly and I am able to meet these obligations. I understand that home checks may be made on a random basis prior to or following adoption. I understand that adoption fees are non-refundable. I understand that I must give the animal(s) at least two weeks to adjust before making a decision. If any information contained in this application is found to be false, I understand the pet will be removed from my care immediately.

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