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Want to see your favorite pizza joint on Slice? Here's a form that'll let you add your 2¢. All submissions will be held for review. Completion of form does not guarantee publication, but providing as much intel as possible—in a discerning and passionate voice—will go a long way to getting your take published. REQUIRED: A photo of the slice or pie under discussion. (Email photos to Nice but not necessary:
  • A photo of the pizzeria exterior
  • Photo of pizzeria interior
  • A shot of the oven
  • A picture of the underside of a slice
  • A shot of the crust's hole structure
Feel free to email us your original photos (at least 500 pixels wide), and we can do the rest. Or, if you're picky picky about your pics and want to edit them yourself, the final size should be 500 pixels wide. Please send photos and any other questions to Hasta la pizza, Adam
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