Winning SEAPLEX Haikus - Plastic Poetry Slam!!

Thank you for voting for your favorite haikus written by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography SEAPLEX team during their voyage to study the science of the "Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch!" After three days and 84 votes, your winning Haikus and their writers are posted below and on the SEAPLEX blog TIED FOR 1st PLACE (29 VOTES) --Whales spout plastic tears. Behold a New Horizon! Hope dawns with the sun. (#14 by Karin Malmstrom) --Happy fish swims free. Meets the deep Oozeki trawl. Sample jar 1-3. (#20 by Pete Davison) 2nd PLACE (26 VOTES) --Along the currents. Drift plankton and trash alike. Our New Horizon. (#1 by Matt Durham) TIED FOR 3rd PLACE (15 VOTES) --Our strong sturdy ship. Just a mote in a moon beam. In Pacific night. (#10 by Jesse Powell) --Steel and mesh descend. With peculiar appetite. Catching aliens. (#17 by Josh Jones)

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