Global Meetup Day

So you're ready now to get things arranged for the meetup? Awesome!! :-) Please fill out as much info as possible, it'll help both of us.
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Meetup Kit Shipping Information

Contains SoundCloud stickers, SoundCloud buttons and name tags for all attendees + awesome shirt for the organizer(s) :-) We're located in Berlin, Germany so we ship with Deutsche Post Global Mail. Depending on your meetup kit's size, tracking might not be available. This is why letting us know early is important so we can make sure it arrives to you in time! Western Europe & Scandinavia: 2-4 days. Southern & Eastern Europe: 3-7 days. Middle East & Africa: 6-9 days. USA & Canada: 3-5 days. Japan: 3-4 days. China 7-11 days. Australia: 4-7 days. South America: 6-15 days. Moon: 6-10 years. These are *estimated* times because once the package leaves Germany, it's all in the hands of your country's own postal service. In addition, days are counted in working days and don't include weekends: so if we ship on a Friday to you, you probably have to add another two days of shipping.

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