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  • Fic must be publicly posted (i.e. not on a "friends-only" LiveJournal page)
  • One-shots and completed fics must be at least 3,000 words.
  • A WIP must have at least 5 chapters posted.
  • All fics must be well-written (i.e. grammatically correct, soundly developed plot, engaging story, etc). We want to make sure anything we recommend on our site is of high quality, and our team of discerning validators will thoroughly review each fic before it is accepted. In addition, your review will be held to those same quality standards, so please enlist the help of a beta if grammar is not your strong point.
  • Only one fic per post
  • Fics that include controversial themes may be accepted at the validators' discretion, and they must include a detailed warning at the beginning of the story. (i.e. rape should be listed as "rape," not simply "dark themes.") We reserve the right to reject any fic for content to which we believe our followers would object.
  • No fics that have been featured in our Under the Radar fics feature
PLEASE NOTE: Validation of your submitted fic may take up to two weeks. Once accepted, reviews are posted in the order they are received. Questions about the status of your review may be emailed to after two weeks have passed.

Guidelines last edited on May 29th, 2010

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