Taming Your Research: Free & Easy Tools for Managing the Wild World of Information

Information is everywhere these days, and research can be overwhelming. Fortunately, a number of free and easy-to-use tools are available to help you navigate through the information that you find in the library’s catalog and databases as well as freely available on the Web. This workshop series will introduce two tools, RSS and Zotero, that can be especially useful for managing research. Workshops are open to all; pre-registration is suggested but not required.
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Managing Your Research Using Zotero:

Zotero is a free Firefox plug-in that makes reference management easy. Using Zotero, you can save citations that appear in your web browser as you do research, organize the citations into folders, save documents associated with citations, and share your research with others. Zotero works with Microsoft Word to provide proper formatting for citations as you write. Zotero is becoming hugely popular in the academic community. Come find out why!

Research While You Sleep: Using Alert Services & RSS to Do the Work For You

Do you find yourself checking the same websites, databases, and journals over and over again? Are you always checking to find out what's new with your field or topic of research? Save yourself time and effort and have the newest information delivered right to you automatically! Database alerts and RSS feeds allow you to stay on top of the information that interests you without having to repeat your searches. In this workshop, we'll get you set up to start using these tools, which take the "re-" out of research!

Workshop Sessions

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