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4/28/2014 16:54:29Callie Johns / Brandon ZirnheldMixed useRecruiting team members as we speak. Team Leadercmj254@nau.edu


6/17/2014 18:14:07Shawn FalleurCommercial, Design Build, VDC (BIM)Qualifications:

Union Carpenter in the Southwest Region Carpenter's Union Local #2361 Drywall (Specialized in speciality finish carpentry Division 10000-CSI)

Construction Laborer-Woodruff Construction
Performed multi-trade tasks for local general contractor including; concrete, drywall, framing, plumbing, specialty systems, suspended ceilings.

Currently working in the carpentry shop developing skill sets in cabinetry and performing all tasks for the university in the academic sector which includes any work needed below job costs of $50,000.

Additional Information:
I was a field foreman in California for commercial projects that primarily focused on learning institutions. My main tasks as a foreman were to ensure project readiness through pre-con organization and fulfill timeliness per scope of work on multiple jobs at any given point. I also performed installation tasks where needed to assist in completion of work.

Interest in Competing:
I feel that I could be a great asset to the teams involved in my category. I am willing to apply my knowledge and work as an integral team member in an alternate or permanent position. I also feel that there is a tremendous amount to learn during this process and I am extremely excited to absorb all aspects of this competition to better myself and my fellow team members. I hope to hear and see everyone soon.
Thank You!
Looking for a teamsmf279@nau.edu