Academic Community Engagement Registry

By filling out this form you will be helping the Civic Engagement Center at National Louis University’s in identifying course offerings committed to community engagement. Please return via e-mail to Thank you for your participation in this endeavor.
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Please check off the appropriate categories of engagement for any classes you will be teaching this coming academic year on the next page. Descriptions of each category are below.

Service-learning A combination of community service and reflection with academic learning outcomes to supplement the curriculum. Community-based Practicum/Internships/Student Teaching Students placed in the community to practice what they’ve learned in combination with academic learning outcomes. Community service Students engage in community service with a single project/organization throughout their academic term as part of a course. Volunteerism Students volunteer at one or several organizations sporadically or as one-time events through their academic term as part of a course. Community Partnership Academic program/course operates in conjunction with a community based organization or partner for shared institution/community outcomes. Community Based Research Students work in a reciprocal community partners to execute research extending the students’ academics and the community’s capacity.