Club Sports Travel Request Form 2012-2013

All Club Sports must complete this form at least one week prior to their departure date. You will receive a roster prior to your team leaving indicating who is permitted to travel with your club. Please do not forget to submit the post game report (win or loss) within 24 hrs of your return to campus. ROSTER INFORMATION The individuals marked PASS on the attached roster may participate and travel with your club Only individuals marked as Driver in the SPECIAL ROSTER NOTE section may drive for the club The individuals marked FAIL on the attached roster may not participate in any activity related to your club including travel If no reason is marked under SPECIAL ROSTER NOTE for FAIL participants, I do not have forms on file Only drivers who have passed DU's Defensive Driving class may drive rental cars, they will be listed as Defensive Driver in SPECIAL ROSTER NOTE Missing or incomplete information will be listed under SPECIAL ROSTER NOTE You can find Acknowledgement of Risk Forms and Supplemental Information forms on the Officer Information Page of the Club Sports Website.
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