Assessment Questionnaire - Salpakan Android Application

Salpakan, also called as Game of the Generals in English is an educational war game invented in the Philippines by Sofronio H. Pasola, Jr. in 1970. It is designed for single or multiplayer. There is a neutral arbiter, in this case the computer system. The game simulates armies at war trying to outflank and outmaneuver each other. Our objectives are: • To create a 2D/3D Salpakan game that supports Single Player and Multiplayer Support for Android OS. • Challenge and hone the analytical and strategy skills of the player(s). • Popularize an original Filipino game worldwide. If you want to know more about this game, you can check this links out:
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Part 1 - General Questions

Part 2 - Gadget Specifications

This is for us to know what gadget are you using and the version of your Android OS so we can easily sort the information out.

Part 3 - The Game

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