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Thank you for your interest in 72DEMONS. Because of the number of applicants received, it is encouraged that you fill out this form prior to creating a piece for submission. 72DEMONS was started in July 2011 by Tara Helfer (who can be evoked by consuming four cups of coffee -black- and two soy dogs while listening to 12 consistent hours of audiobooks (best to not skimp on the name brand condiments)) and artist companions online. Tara is currently working towards a BFA at Carnegie Mellon, 72DEMONS being her senior project. The finished product is to be a full-color art book containing illustrations of the 72 demons described in The Lesser Key of Solomon, originally believed to be a guide for summoning spirits. This book is meant to celebrate the spirits, both good and not-so-good, who have inspired characters and creatures in popular novels, movies, comics and video games...but mostly forgotten to modern day monsters such as the Jersey Devil or Slender Man. It observes the often crude, chimera-like deities imagined and feared by ancient Semetic tribes and wrought into Hebrew mythology. In Phase 1 (June - December 2011 ) One artist will be paired with one demon. In Phase 2 (January 2012) Ars Goetia will launch a Kickstarter fund Questions?
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