TimestampAt what time do you play?When do you play?How often does your group meet?Which games does your group play?Give a short description of your Group.Give a short description of the kind of players you're looking for.How many players are you looking for?Is your game in a home or public venue?How long has your game been running for?Where do you play?Is there anything I missed?Contact NameContact Email


6/10/2011 0:51:10Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)MondayThree times a monthSavage WorldsSmall group (3 players +1 GM) currently running RunePunk. I'll be running that throughout the summer and into the fall most likely, and may be switching over to Deadlands after I'm done with the RunePunk campaign.Mature, reliable players with a good sense of humor. 1A home or officeOver a monthTonawandano


6/10/2011 0:53:03Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)SaturdayOnce a weekAD&D (2.0)6-8 players (a couple rotate out) youngest is 19, oldest is 42, gay and straight, female and male. Story-oriented, not interested in other editions.experienced or non, but committed to showing up.2A home or officeSeveral yearsNorth Buffalo


6/10/2011 14:02:29Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)Thursday, Friday, SaturdayTwice a monthI would like to start weekly or bi-weekly BESM campaigns. Each game would be a one-shot, self-contained adventure.

First is my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series which I have run at cons and I've been posting about in the forums. Each week would be a different adventure consisting of a team of pre-gens for each decade.

Players can come and go between adventures, play for only one adventure, or come to every game and be a part of every LXG from the 1930s through 2010.

Second is a series of one shots called "Starship Aeon" in which players create their own characters based on any form of pop fiction. Anything goes: comic books, anime, TV, movies, novels.
I would encourage people who are new to roleplaying to try these games. The system is very simple and easy to learn. The games are one-shots so you don't have to commit to a long campaign.

Of course, veteran role players are also welcome.
more than 4A public locationSouth or North BuffaloThese games haven't started yet, so this is a new group I'm trying to get together. No meeting time or place has been firmly set. Possibilities are Baldy Hall or somewhere at Buffalo State. I live in Niagara Falls, so southern locations are not good for me. Evenings are likely.


6/13/2011 12:05:45Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)MondayThree times a monthSavage WorldsA small, easygoing group that just needs another player to round things out. Currently playing the RunePunk setting (Plot Point campaign), and will probably switch to another Savage Worlds setting at some point in the future. We meet Mondays and play from 7-10 (roughly).A mature, reliable gamer with a good sense of humor that appreciates a character/story focused game. As I run this at my home, I would like to meet any potential players before I invite them to game with us. Finally, I have two large dogs. I can keep them separate from the gaming area if need be.1A home or officeA Few monthsTonawandaGlenndustdevil22@yahoo.com


6/13/2011 23:10:22VariesSundayOnce a weekSavage Worlds, Weird War III'm running a one-shot to see if there is interest and if so I may start a campaign. The one-shot is being run on Sunday, June 26th - no certain time yet, but plan for afternoon/evening. Characters will be pre-genned and players will be able to choose which they would like to play from those available.I like a mix of roleplaying and combat and I would like players that feel the same (as opposed to those who are purely interested in combat or those who are purely interested in roleplaying). Also players should be good at getting into the minds of their characters and the setting they are in. Players that get along well with others are highly preferred.more than 4A public locationA few weeksDerbyThe one-shot is a mission taking place shortly before D-Day to investigate the connections between the movement of SS troops into Normandy, the disappearance of an entire French Resistance Cell, and rumors of German Infantry torturing French civilians...Robert Longtinvelikch@gmail.com


6/17/2011 15:32:10Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)FridayThree times a monthDungeons and Dragons 3.x1A home or officeA Few monthsNiagara FallsMichael Hoffhoff.michael81@gmail.com


6/30/2011 17:28:43Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)WednesdayOnce a weekDungeons and Dragons 4.xD&D Encounters meets every Wed at 6PM, at Jester's Cap, and is always open to new players and DMs.

Each week, we run a single encounter. A session takes 1-2 hours, and is perfect for people looking to satisfy their gaming itch, but who don't have time for a 4-hour session.

Join in at anytime. Pre-Gens Available, if needed.
more than 4A public locationA few weeksLancasterMark Knapikmark.knapik@gmail.com


8/27/2011 21:21:56Three times a monthLooking for D&D 3.5 or PAthfinder players for main group.

Also looking for players to try several other systems out for another group.
Fun, interested in many aspects of RPGs and who like variety. Players who like a broad range of RPG experiences and exploring cool detailed virtual settings.more than 4A public locationA Few monthsUB, Tonawanda, Depew, West Seneca, Niagara Falls Georgecalisurfguitar@hotmail.com


8/27/2011 21:26:32Twice a month I am a professional gamemaster/dungeon master. I host pen n' paper RPG games for groups of players who either do not want to run the game themselves, or do not have a member who is able to run the games. I offer reasonable rates and a good amount of experience in various RPGs.

If interested, send me an email. The payment is negotiable per hour session. The first session is half-price, and includes character creation, or me teaching you the system for the game if need be. I have all necessary books, miniatures, dice, and maps to play, all you will need to provide is a table big enough to fit your group. At this price I will be running an official printed campaign for the system, specially tailored campaigns require significant time outside of the game and will incur an additional charge.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: A professional Dungeon Master? Are you Serious?
A: I know this service is unusual. I have seen many postings at hobby and game stores for groups looking for a DM/GM though, and I thought I could help these groups enjoy pen n' paper games again while also making some extra money.

Q: I don't know you, why would I let you run a game?
A: This is understandable. When a client contacts me I usually arrange a meeting with the homeowner outside of their home in a public place, where we can discuss the specifics of the game. Also, there are public places like libraries and hobby game stores that we could meet and play at if necessary.

Q: What're your qualifications?
A: I have been dungeon mastering games for over 20 years. I have done every kind of game from a group of friends, to running games at conventions. Over the years I have been able to perfect the craft, and have many methods of making the process run easy and smooth. About 6 months ago I decided to hire myself out, and it has gone great since then. I have run Dungeons and Dragons games for a handful of groups, and have gotten entirely positive reviews. I am even willing to give you a money back guarantee on the first session.

Q: I've always wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons, but never have, do I need to know anything about these games to hire you?
A: No. You don't even have to buy the books. I have everything you need to play, and have taught many people to play all of the various systems I can run. Even if you have no idea which game you want to play, we can discuss it at the first meeting.

Q: Don't you think paying is a bit much?
A: No, I don't. I am beyond the stage in my life where I can make minimum wage and support myself comfortably. Supplements are usually in the range of 25-50 dollars, and I like to stay current on every system that I run in order to provide a game that is always fresh and exciting. Also, consider splitting the cost amongst your group.

Q: What times are you available?
A: I currently go to school during some weekdays, but most of my evenings are free, as are weekends. I currently run two games on thursdays though, so that day is taken up entirely.

Q: What gmes are you willing to run?
A: Any and all. I am familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, and am equipped to run either 3.5 or 4th Edition games of it. I also can run Mutants and Masterminds, Star Wars, Spycraft, Shadowrun, Warhammer Iron Kingdoms, Star Frontiers, and many others. Whatever your group wants to play, I will equip myself to play it.

Q: I live far from the city limits, where do you operate?
A: I am willing to run games in the greater seattle area at my base charge. If you are farther away than that, I may add a small travel fee of 10 to 15 dollars to the price, depending on the distance.

Q: Do you offer any kind of discounts or price breaks?
A: Besides half-price first sessions, I offer bulk discounts if you want to pay for a few sessions at a time. I am all about the group having fun, and don't want to make the atmosphere too bureaucratic, so the price is negotiable to an extent. For instance, if your group provides food, I am willing to offer a discount. I am very reasonable about time and money constraints, cancellations, etc.

So, if maybe you used to play in high school and want to try again, if you have a group but no one wants to DM/GM it, or if you want to try it out for the first time, email me or call.
call 716-279-6505 or 716-906-1881

Players who enjoy detailed cool virtual settings and who like a variety of RPG styles. Fun and friendly players are a bonus to!more than 4Georgecalisurfguitar@hotmail.com


9/6/2011 18:46:38Afternoon (Begins 12pm-4pm)Saturday, SundayTwice a monthDungeons and Dragons 4.xNew group and a new DM looking for a few players for D&D 4.0. We’ll be starting with premade adventures as a guide, but will be looking to branch off wherever our story takes us. Our group will meet every 2nd or 3rd week, typically on Sunday, and will likely meet for 4-6+ hours per meeting. Some of us attend UB, and most of us have full time jobs, so this schedule is flexible! This will be a long term game, so if you’re looking for a single night to get your fix and then move on, this is not the group for you. Characters will start at 1st level, and we do plan on sticking with these characters for the long haul.

Our group is new, and our players fairly inexperienced, and as such new players are more than welcome, as well as experienced players that don’t mind taking it slow at first and introducing new players to the game. We won’t be tossing the rulebook out the window, but if you find a sort of twisted enjoyment in calling out mistakes that others make this isn’t the place for you. If you’re just starting, don’t be afraid to join – this is a perfect starting environment for new players!
We’re looking for 3 more players to round out our group. Few classes have been set, so we’re fairly flexible on the type of character you’d like to create. We do ask that you try to stick with the more basic classes, but if you’re experienced enough to handle the difficult stuff please let us know. We're also looking for at least one other woman to join our group.3UB or home, depending on what feels comfortable for the groupA few weeksUB and/or TonawandaOur gatherings will take place either at UB or at our home in Tonawanda, depending on the needs and comfort level of all members. Gatherings will typically take place on Sunday, but may be on Saturday as the need arises, and will typically start around 12-1pm. Gregdtowngbrown@gmail.com


12/30/2011 17:44:35Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)Monday, Thursday, Friday, SaturdayTwice a monthMunchkinSmall group of friends looking for more to play Muchkin, willing to teach, but must at least look up what the game is at worldofmunchkin.comfriendly setting, pg-13.3A home or officeA Few monthssanbornwe always have snacks and love to play.everettmrjesusjunkie@gmail.com


2/17/2012 8:19:43Evening (Begins 4pm-8pm)WednesdayOnce a weekD20 Modern - D20 FutureWe are a long-standing weeknight RPG group, currently seeking new players for a Wednesday night D20 Modern game. We are all working professionals, so rest assured that our games will not run late into the night.We are looking for anyone who enjoys (or hopes to enjoy) table-top role playing (D&D, World of Darkness, etc...).3A home or officeSeveral yearsCheektowagaJason Parkerwatcher_of_oracles@yahoo.com