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TIFF Nexus Cross-Sector Event Series

Supported by the OMDC Partnerships Fund, the TIFF Nexus Event Series is the connection of the existing and emerging media sectors of Film, Gaming and New Media, designed as a catalyst for collaboration between them. TIFF Nexus is a series of activities and discussions at TIFF Bell Lightbox, where culture, learning, technology and industry intersect. Vision Statement: Building on 35 years of supporting the indie film scene, TIFF Bell Lightbox intends to support new modes of moving image storytelling such as gaming and new media. During this series TIFF will host 8 events (4 Creative Jams and 4 Conferences). This document concerns the second of these Jams: The Difference Engine.

TIFF Nexus: The Difference Engine

By introducing new gamemakers from under-represented groups into our community, the Difference Engine Initiative aims to diversify what kind of videogames are made. Our first focus is women, and so we have named this version of the Difference Engine after Ada Lovelace (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace). As part of the OMDC-supported TIFF Nexus, we will be running two gamemaking incubators for women, one in August-September, and one in October-November. We are now accepting applications for this free program. The Incubators: Participants will attend a 3 hour session once a week for six weeks. These sessions will provide participants with: • experience with several point-and-click gamemaking tools that do not require programming; • feedback and support on their gamemaking process from experienced gamemakers; • a peer-mentorship atmosphere that has more in common with crafting circles or writers' groups than a traditional classroom setting. Between sessions, participants will have required assignments generally needing 2 to 4 hours. After the six sessions, participants will have a made a game by themselves that will be presented at an event attended by Toronto's gamemaking community. Some of the incubator games will also be included in the WIFT (www.wift.com) showcase in December. For information on the coordinators and an FAQ please go to: http://handeyesociety.com/projects/the-difference-engine-initiative The Application

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