New York Blacks in Philanthropy Membership Form

NYBIP MISSION STATEMENT: New York Blacks in Philanthropy (NYBIP) is a local membership based organization of Black professionals, particularly representing people of the African Diaspora, including African-Americans, African natives, Afro-Latinos, Caribbean natives and Caribbean-Americans, committed to strengthening networks, addressing collective challenges and fostering opportunities within the philanthropic sector. NYBIP provides networking opportunities, facilitates professional and leadership development opportunities, and seeks to coordinate strategies for leveraging resources (human & financial) for Black communities. This form is for colleagues interested in becoming individual members of NYBIP. Please complete the following form and write checks to: Philanthropy New York (In the memo field, please write "NYBIP Dues") Please mail your check to: New York Blacks in Philanthropy C/O Philanthropy New York 79 5th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003-3034 Web site: Email: INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS: ($50/year) Individual Members support the mission and vision of New York Blacks in Philanthropy. Persons eligible to be Individual Members include staff and directors of a philanthropic organization, trustees, board members, Major donors, donor advisers or consultants, grantmaking institutions and philanthropic reform or grantmaking support organizations; Retired grantmakers or those invited to become an Individual Member by the NYBIP Executive Committee. Individual Members have the right to vote and are eligible to hold a seat on a committee or working group of New York Blacks in Philanthropy. All Members are provided opportunities to support programs, philanthropic initiatives and development strategies that address issues impacting the Black community in the New York region. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS o Access to a network of Black professionals in the philanthropic field o Access to regional and national network of funders o Access to career advancement opportunities and support o Increased opportunities for Black leadership and/or representation in influential positions of power in the philanthropic community o Access to NYBIP programming including networking events, trainings and educational Forums o Access to current information to stay abreast of developments within the field of Philanthropy, including strategies and philanthropic initiatives being utilized to impact the Black community in New York and abroad INDIVIDUAL AND INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS o Includes Membership Benefits listed above plus o Opportunities to play a leadership role within the organization o Opportunities to join and participate on committee working groups o Eligible to vote on New York Blacks In Philanthropy Action o Eligible to serve on Executive Committee
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