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If you are a WYSO Member - tell us how your life has changed since you joined. If you've heard listeners on the air already, you know you can have some fun with it. Here are some examples: "My name is Jim Moser, and I've been listening to WYSO since 2005. Ever since becoming a member, my life has improved dramatically. Every time I put on a jacket, I find $10 in the pocket. The squirrels in my yard have taken to cleaning out the gutters, and just yesterday David Dye called and requested I make him a playlist." "I'm Heather Martin, and I have been listening to WYSO since 1998. Being a member of this station has turned me into a scientific genius. The other day, I smoothed out some wrinkles in Einstein's work and on Wednesday, I may have time to use the loophole I discovered in the Space-Time Continuum." Fill out the form below, send it to us, and we'll be in touch.
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