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Congratulations!! You are taking the first step to BIG savings! The biggest secret to saving tons of money is buying multiple items on sale AND using multiple coupons. The best, most consistent place to get your coupons in Las Vegas is by having your own subscription to the Review Journal. Simply fill out this form, and your papers will begin arriving 2 Sundays from the date you submit the form (you will receive an email confirmation noting the specific date). Thanks so much, and HAPPY SAVING!! If you feel more comfortable placing your order over the phone, call Jen Morris at 702.882.0172. Thanks!
You are signing up for a 6 month (26 week) subscription for the Sunday paper. You must select one option for Subscription #1. Then you may up to 4 more additional Sunday papers to that first subscription. For example, if you do not already have a subscription, your first subscription will be a daily paper (Mon-Sun) and will cost $40.50, or $1.55 per week. After that, each additional Sunday only paper will cost $19.50 each, or .75 per week. If you choose all 5 papers, your total will be $118.50. If you already have a subscription, that's great! You can add up to 4 additional Sunday papers to your existing subscription for only $19.50 for each paper. When it's time for you to renew your papers, the RJ will send you an invoice in the mail with the exact rate as you see here!
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You just took your first step to saving a TON of money at the grocery store!

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