Speaker Application for TedxCrestmoorPark

Please complete this application if you are interested in being considered as a speaker for TedxCrestmoorPark September 21, 2011 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We are in search of speakers who are breaking through boundaries and barriers to create success which is moving our country forward, whether you're impacting a single community or something that affects the entire nation. We are seeking new stories, new ideas and engaging commentary. We are asking speakers to engage, elevate and empower the audience through your talk. This will be a typical Tedx format with speakers being slotted into 14, 9 and 3 minute sections. We will be working with ALL speakers, no matter your level of speaking ability, to help you cultivate the most powerful Tedx talk possible. 80% of the slots will be given to people within the 5 state region including Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. Speakers outside this region are encouraged to apply. APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 5th, 2011 *In keeping with the rules and regulations of Tedx conferences no speakers or entertainers are compensated for their participation or travel, nor are they charged ANY fees to participate.
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Presentation Specifics

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Thank you so much for applying to be a speaker with TedxCrestmoorPark. We will follow up with you by July 21st. If you have ANY questions please email dafna.michaelson@gmail.com.

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