Blue's O2 amp Aussie parts GB

This is simply a registration of interest at the moment - once I have some names down here I'll start refining what it will actually cost. At the moment the parts cost from Mouser is $33.83under $30 per set meaning we need 6 orders to get to the $200 mark and qualify for free shipping. However at 6 orders the price may drop so I won't take any money until this is finalized. If we get 10 or more orders, I'll consider doing a separate order for PCBs too to save more on shipping. I expect about $8 for me to ship all the parts out to you anywhere in Australia. I have a few things to ask you also. Please respond as you wish in the comments box. Are there any other parts you'd like ordered? (extra gain resistors, low-power components) Would you be interested in GBing some of the other parts also? (enclosures, batteries, wallwarts / power supplies) Would you be interested in low cost front panels? Thanks very much everyone :)


I have set a closing date - I will finalise prices and start taking payments on Aug 30 and will stop accepting new orders on Aug 31. We also have enough people to do a PCB order - these should be appx $2-3 AUD each. Shipping I estimate at about $5 for regular or $8 for express post - but again I will finalise this once I finalise numbers. Enclosures are unfortunately more expensive for us at $19 from Farnell with free shipping however I have secured the services of a machine shop to do the front panels for us at low cost - anybody interested please include this in your comments! This info inaccurate - see thread!!


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