IIT Boeing Scholars Academy -- Seniors' College Preferences for Onsite

ATTENTION SENIORS: By 10pm on Monday, August 15, please fill out the following inquiry form to indicate your preferences for the Chicago Scholars 2011 Onsite Admissions Forum* (www.chicagoscholars.org/onsite), a live college admissions event on Tuesday, October 25, sponsored by Chicago Scholars and attended by almost 70 colleges to enable students to advocate on behalf of their university applications. Beginning on Tuesday, we will consult with expert college counselors at Chicago Scholars and recommend 5 “good-fit” colleges for you to apply to by September 17 for participation in the Onsite. Please note that, while you can apply to only 5 colleges for the Onsite, you can apply to as many as you want on your own as part of the traditional admissions cycle! Don't forget to save the date: Tuesday, October 25 – Chicago Scholars Onsite Admissions Forum @ the UIC Forum (725 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago) Please do not hesitate to contact Marya Spont at spont@iit.edu or 312.567.5193 with any questions. We are excited to move forward with you and with the Chicago Scholars Program to take advantage of this great opportunity to make college possible for all! ++ *HOW DOES IT WORK? By Saturday, September 17, seniors participating in the Onsite will submit completed applications for 5 “good-fit” attending colleges to the Chicago Scholars staff, who then coordinate their delivery to the appropriate colleges. Colleges read the applications and come to the Onsite prepared to meet with students to discuss their applications and share information about financial aid and scholarship packages available to them. By the conclusion of the event, nearly all participants are admitted to a college of their choice (some colleges defer making decisions onsite; NO negative decisions are delivered at the Onsite). Even for students applying to colleges that defer making a decision until later in the year, the Onsite provides a valuable opportunity to meet face-to-face with college admissions representatives to introduce and advocate for yourself! IIT Boeing Scholars Academy seniors’ participation in the Onsite is very strongly encouraged.
* Required

For Onsite: Top 10 College Application Choices

Prior to attending the Onsite, you will actually apply to 5 "good-fit" colleges. So that we and Chicago Scholars may help you do that, please review the list of colleges attending the Onsite (http://tinyurl.com/onsitecollegelist; look up the ones you don't know in case you might be interested in them!) and write below **IN RANKED ORDER** (with "#1" being "most interested") the top 10 schools from this list that you would like to apply to for the Onsite.

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