UF4A Treatment of Persons on the Spectrum with Cannabis

Thanks again for offering to help!!! Here at the Unconventional Foundation for Autism (www.UF4A.org), rarely a day goes by without a distressing phone call or email from a parent with a child on the spectrum. We are in a unique and fortunate position to help these parents. We can give them direction and most importantly, hope. Together, we can also provide important information to doctors and law makers. Accordingly, our goal is to start disseminating information and sharing our collective experience. We need your help to do that and we are asking for a few minutes of your time in filing out this survey. The survey consists of approximately 45 questions and a mailing address field so we can send you a gift from the foundation in exchange for helping out. Also in exchange for filling this out, we will continue to do our best to make sure that your child's medication is always free for those who already receive medication in connection with the Foundation. If your child does not receive free medication at this time but you would like to receive free medication, please contact Nicole at nicole@uf4a.org to discuss. The Foundation receives a limited amount of donations but we will do our best to meet our supporters' needs. Please try to be detailed in your responses where appropriate. If you do not have an answer or do not feel comfortable answering a question, please state "N/A" or "do not wish to discuss" or "uncomfortable" or the like, before moving on. We will never reveal anybody's identity or personal information without their consent, so if you wish to leave your family's name out of the survey, please indicate that where appropriate. Thank you in advance for being so generous with your time. We are tremendously grateful for your help and feedback. Please contact Nicole for any technical assistance, questions or concerns. The time to demonstrate the success that we have had and that other families can have has arrived. We eagerly await your valuable input! Thanks from all of us at the Foundation!
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Pre-Cannabis Treatment History

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