Application to Demo at Technori Pitch

So you want to demo at Technori Pitch? You’re in the right place. Every month, a handful of companies get to demo something cool to the burgeoning tech community. In order to be one of those companies, here are some of our guidelines to consider: -Is this company/product based in the city you'd like to Pitch in? -How innovative or technically interesting is your product? -Is it a new product launch? -How demoable is the product? -Are you comfortable telling a huge audience about it? As you can see, we’re less interested in your business plan and more interested in how you're going to wow the crowd. After all, the audience does like to be entertained--they want to be blown away by your innovations, creative solutions, or generally awesome somethings made here in the city. In 2014, we've moved to Themed events each month. Please also select which theme you're applying for. Now that you’ve got the gist of things, submit an application! We’ll contact you if it looks like a good match. Thanks for your interest and support of the entrepreneurial community.
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