Anatomy of Activism at Coop Catalyst

Tired of the view from 10,000 feet and want to land on the ground to get stuff done? This document is for those who want to suggest ways to get active or who want suggestions for how they can get active. The idea is to take the pink pill, head down the rabbit hole and make 'it' happen (whatever 'it' might happen to be). Give your name, a point of contact, and what act someone or some group might engage in to move forward in our 'stretch' goals as articulated by Chad Sensing: 1. We accrue 600,000 visits in 2011. 2. We secure hosting by a philosophically aligned organization w/ web design resources for us, and 3. We impact policy, especially regarding funding, standardization, and the promotion of humane, sane education that doesn't wound its participants.
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