Internship Program Orientation Check-In Form

You have been in your internship site for approximately one to two weeks and we would like to know how things are going at this early stage. This is a critical time to assess the potential for this learning experience, and to address anything that could possibly develop into a frustration/problem later. Developing good communication between students and the site supervisor is one of the most important factors in having an internship experience that is positive for both parties. Please fill this form out and submit no later than June 14th. At the end of this feedback form, add your normal work schedule for your internship so our office can begin planning the site visits the Internship Director will make this term.
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Intern Work Schedule

Please provide your normal internship work schedule. Mike usually makes about 20 site visits each term and will use this schedule to help develop his itinerary*. If he is planning on visiting you, our office will contact you and your supervisor to make formal arrangements. *Where Mike actually conducts site visits is determined by many factors, including newness of your site to the program, how recently the site has been visited, proximity to other sites (for efficiency!), and sometimes plain old curiosity. If you really want Mike to visit, let us know, and we will try to accommodate you. If you are ever having a problem in the internship, Mike will make visiting you a priority.

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