Community Partner Survey - Academic Service-Learning

Thank you for your participation in our academic service-learning project! Please take a moment to provide us with some feedback about your experience working with students and faculty in your agency. Your responses will be used to help us measure the impact of academic service-learning in our community and improve the effectiveness of future university-community collaborations.
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The objectives of the partnership project were clearly explained to all students and organization participants
The objectives of the partnership project were achieved
The student participation aspect of the partnership project with your organization met your expectations
The students were prepared to provide services at the organization
The organization of the partnership project through Campus Compact met your expectations
The partnership project was completed in a timely manner
The partnership project benefited your organization (socially, economically, capacity to serve clients, etc.)
The partnership project benefited the community
The idea of combining service in the community with university coursework should be practiced in more classes at The University of Findlay
The partnership project helped students understand how they might become more involved in their community
The partnership project helped students become more aware of the needs of the community
Students exhibited a responsibility to serve their community
Students exhibited leadership skills during the partnership project
Cultural barriers were experienced during this partnership project (students and/or your clients were exposed to diversity of thought, culture, economic status, etc.)
Your organization developed a good relationship with the studetns from the service-learning course
Because of this experience, your organization is more interested in developing an extended collaboration with The University of Findlay
In general, the benefits of working with service-learning students outweighed any burdens it may have added to our work
The relationship we have developed with The University of Findlay will continue

Thank you for your feedback!

Please contact UF's Campus Compact Center at 419-434-6671 or with your ideas of other ways we can partner together!

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