OWASP Day KL 2011 Call for Presentation & Training

OWASP Day KL 2011 events will be a local chapter events for the presentation of research results, cutting-edge ideas and in-depth discussions in the field of application security. OWASP Day KL 2011 events invites application security researchers, thought leaders and developers worldwide to submit papers for the opportunity of presenting to expected participants. The topics we are seeking include, but are not limited to: #Web Application Security #Mobile Application Security #Cloud Application Security #Software and Architecture Patterns for Application Security #Metrics for Application Security #OWASP Tools and Projects #Secure Coding Practices (J2EE/.NET) #Application Security Testing #New Attacks and Defense #Other subjects related to OWASP and Application Security The topic for Training are : 1) SQL Injection (Secure & Prevent) 2) Penetration Tester 3) IT Audit
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