Our volunteer firefighters and EMS donate their time, and risk their safety, to protect and serve our communities. They know the risks. But they don't count on individuals who are bent on doing them harm, while they do their duty. Such was the case of Mark Davis, an emergency medical technician (EMT) from Cape Vincent, who was killed while responding to an urgent call for help. I've introduced "Mark's Law" (S.7688) to provide for the strongest penalty allowed by law for murder of an EMT, volunteer firefighter, nurse, doctor or any other volunteer in the line of duty. Mark's family has been kind enough to lend their support to this effort. I hope you will support Mark's Law too. "Mark's Law" has already passed the Senate twice in 2012, but the previous Assembly sponsor did not move the bill in that house, and I am speaking to leadership in the Assembly to find ways to get this done. You can help, by showing your support, and signing this petition to support "Mark's Law."
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