Welcome to the Standby Task Force Support Team for UN Operations in Libya

Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your interest in joining this unique online volunteer network of global crisis mappers. We really look forward to working with you on this project in support of UN/OCHA operations in Libya. Please take a few minutes to fill out the following form so we can get you access to our Task Force network. We'll then add you to our dedicated Skype chat groups where you'll be able to join volunteers who will be ready to show you how you can help right away. As you know, the situation in Libya is intense and there are security challenges in creating a crisis map of a hostile environment (http://www.fastcompany.com/1736822/libya-crisis-map-united-nations). So please don't take it personally that we ask about your background, we just need to make sure you're not Gaddafi! So the more official information you can share about yourself, the faster we''ll be able to give you access to the crisis map. We promise that *none* of your information you share with us will ever be made public. We are not Facebook! :) We promise we won't ask any more questions after you've passed the "I'm not Gaddafi" test! Thank you very much for joining this unique team! We look forward to getting to know you as we collaborate to change the world, one map at a time. See you on Skype! Patrick, Anahi, Jaro, Helena, George, Rob
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