5 Minutes of Fame at Noisebridge

https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Five_Minutes_of_Fame Five Minutes of Fame (5MoF) is an adaptation of CCC's Lightning Talks. The idea is that we have ten 5 minute talks within an hour. Talks can be shorter, but not longer, than five minutes. Third Thursday of every month at 8pm, at Noisebridge. Slides must be in PowerPoint (.ppt) or Keynote format unless otherwise agreed upon and submitted by the day before 5MoF. All slides are subject to approval. Send your slides to 5mof@googlegroups.com Speakers may be notified as to the status of their talks before the schedule is released. If your talk was not accepted, feel free to submit next month! Talk schedule will be finalized and released on the Monday before 5MoF. DO: Assume you will be speaking at the next 5mof, without confirmation. Send you slides in before in .PPT or .KEY formats Be Awesome. DON'T: Cancel your talk without letting us know. (We sometimes go "Bueller... Bueller...") Preach Give presentations that are designed to go over five minutes.
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