NST Staff Housing/Arrival Info

One of the great things about NST trips is the diverse number of places from which our leaders and coordinators come! All of you are so busy with your various adventures--be it working as a guide, or working in a grocery store back home--and we need to know when to be expecting you! Please be aware that your contract may require you to arrive a few days earlier than the beginning of staff training, for prep days. This is especially true for those leading trips that leave earlier in the week (Deschutes, Waldo Lake, Wallowas & Mt Ranier Environmental Service Project). Please check your contract to be sure of when you are expected to arrive. If you've misplaced it, contact Joe and he can let you know. Assistant Leaders & Student Coordinators should plan to arrive Thursday, August 14th for training on Friday, August 15th. If you have done this training before, you are not expected to attend again, but you're welcome to if you like. Everyone will need to attend the All-Staff training days on Saturday & Sunday, August 16th & 17th. Leaders should arrive and be ready to work on Friday, August 15th (if stated in your contract for a prep day) or Saturday, August 16th for the All-Staff Training days on Saturday & Sunday, August 16th & 17th. About arrivals: If you are arriving in Portland by plane, please do all that you can to find a friend who's willing to pick you up and bring you to campus. We'll be pretty busy preparing for training, and a drive to the airport takes a lot of valuable time. If you can't find someone who can pick you up at the airport, please take the MAX train (only $2.50!) into downtown Portland, and indicate below that you need us to pick you up--we can pick you up from the corner of Broadway and Yamhill, the northeast corner by Nordstrom, across the street from Pioneer Square. Once you arrive, give our office a call at 503-768-7116, or after 5pm call 503-880-5387 (Joe's cell) or 503-729-5807 (Kate's cell). If you keep a receipt from the MAX we can reimburse you. Please fill out this form to let us know when you'll be here. HOUSING INFORMATION: We can reserve a dorm room on campus for you if you don't have a place to stay with friends or relatives in town. There's no charge for the on-campus housing if you need it. FOOD INFORMATION: Food will be provided for you during training and trip prep. Mealtimes and locations will be posted at Sequoia & handed out at staff training. If you have an LC ID card PLEASE BRING IT! This will be your food access to the Bon.
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