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Skráning í Hakkavélina, Hackerspace Reykjavík. Reikningsnúmer: 101-26-100147, kennitala: 700410-0640 Gjaldkeri: hakkavelin+gjaldkeri@gmail.com eða bara hakkavelin@gmail.com Hakkavélin member sign up form. Our Bank account number: 101-26-100147 and kennitala: 700410-0640 Treasurer: hakkavelin+gjaldkeri@gmail.com or just hakkavelin@gmail.com
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To finish your sign up, please transfer the amount due (as per your selection above) to our account: 101-26-100147, kennitala: 700410-0640 Please have your bank send an email notification to: hakkavelin+gjaldkeri@gmail.com Do not forget to also press submit on this form :)

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