Camp Aspen Ridge Staff Application

Applicants for camp staff should be at least 14 years of age. To be eligible for camp staff, a person must: - be a registered Scout, Explorer, or Venturer - be at least 14 years of age during camp - have experience in Unit leadership - be in good physical condition (a current medical form is required) - have an interest in instructing Scouting skills to others through a rigorous training course - due to Utah State Labor regulations, Scouts under the age of 14 are not eligible for this program.
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Personal Information

Scouting Background

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Staff Placement

Personal References

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All staff members are expected to wear the approved staff uniform. If you are selected to work on staff, you will receive a discount on camp staff items. To help with ordering, please fill out the following:


Please review this application carefully to affirm that the information is correct, to the best of your knowledge. In signing this application, you attest that the information given is true. You also agree to forfeit the right to view your employment file concerning reference information, in order to protect all parties involved. Time off and time away from the camp may be granted/denied at the discretion of the Camp Director. Parental signature is required if staff member is under the age of 18. Staff members must apply for days off before arriving at camp. Once again, please read this application carefully before signing.

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