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Dear Brandon Parents, Thank you for another great year of carpool at Morris Brandon! To ensure that 2012-2013 runs just as smoothly, please complete and submit the following form by Friday July 22nd. Completing this will mean NO LINES at the Back to School Beenanza! • Everyone must re-register…every year! If we do not receive your form, you will not be registered for carpool. We will reassign your number. • No longer need carpool? Please still submit the form so that we can re-issue your number. If you never used your number from last year, please turn it in. • Keep your old stickers! New decals will not be issued for the fall. • Need new stickers? Red decals/numbers will be issued in late summer right before school starts. List your child’s grade & homeroom. We will place the stickers in your child’s cubby on August 3rd. Include home address and we will mail them to you. You may also stand in line and pick them up from us at the Transportation Table at Back to School Bonanza. • Do I need a carpool number? You do not need a carpool number for morning drop-off You do not need a number for pickup from the after school program, The Hive You do not need a number if your child rides the Bus every day You do not need a number if your child is a Walker • Other important carpool tips Numbers can be issued after school starts if changes in your child’s method of transportation occur. Replacement stickers are at Mary Plummer’s desk (MC) if you lose yours/get a new car/etc. If you have children at both the MC and the PC, you will only have one number. Numbers go on your inside windshield, top, passenger side. They are reversible. Thank you for your participation. Call or email us with questions. Note: This website does not send confirmation of your form submission. Gretchen Crawford Bess George MC Carpool Coordinator PC Carpool Coordinator 404) 237-7120 (404) 351-0561
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