Stroller Questionnaire

In the 21st century stroller options have become virtually endless. With hundreds of brands, many of which you will not find in stores, you may be missing out when you can get a much better and more convenient stroller for the same price of the low quality one available at a big box store. Don't overpay and save yourself the headache! Let us help you with unbiased advice on what strollers will work best for you. 1. Fill out the questionnaire. 2. You will receive an invoice at the email you provide ($15). 3. Once payment is processed we will send you three to five options in your price range, complete with all details, photos, links to videos, and where to buy. You can spend $15 now and buy a stroller to serve your actual needs, or keep on spending hundreds of dollars until you finally find the one you like and your kids are already too old to ride in one. I may even be able to find you a good deal on the stroller(s) I recommend! note: I will bill you to your email via PayPal where you can either pay by credit/debit card or your PayPal account.
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Clueless I live there (then what are you doing here?)

Not at all important Extremely important

Could care less I cannot be seen with a cheapo stroller

I don't care if it takes three hands It MUST be as easy as possible

I can compromise if it is within my price range Turning on a dime mandatory!

Whatever Must have

Not at all important Extremely important

Can do without Must have

Just enough for my purse My diaper bag is the size of Texas

Not that important Are you kidding me? You want to hold my coffee?

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