South Eastern Regional Championships 2011

Instructions *READ CAREFULLY* 1. Registration will open this Friday March 4th at 11pm EST. If you want to watch the clock, there's one at The nine spots from the South Central tournament were gone in less than 90 seconds, so you might want to watch yer clock closely. 2. You need to include the names of all three of your players. No player can register on more than one team, duh. 3. You can fill out the form before midnight, but don't hit the "submit" button until 11pm. ANY SUBMISSIONS BEFORE 11:00:00pm will be ignored. No exceptions. 4. Registration is first come first served basis for 24 teams from the Southeast region (at least two players on your team must live in the South Central, which is defined as FL, AL, GA, SC, TN, NC) and 8 teams with players from any region. 5. Registration is $60 per team, and includes $10 towards NAH. You won't need to pay right away. As soon as it's confirmed that you're in the first 24 regional teams or 8 non-regional teams, the organizer will prompt you to pay, and you'll have a five day window to pay. 6. After you register, you will see a link to all the registered teams.
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