Land @GT: Returning Study Abroad Students

Please use this if you are applying to participate for Fall 2012. I hope you’ve had a fabulous semester studying abroad. Something to think about while you pack up and start to head back to Tech... If you are interested in helping out an international exchange student, please sign up for the Land@GT program this fall and apply by July 15, 2012. We have approximately 50 exchange students arriving at Tech in January from around the world. These students will only be here for only 1 or 2 semesters. Since you have been an exchange student yourself, you probably have a sense of the worries about culture shock and homesickness these students may feel when they first arrive. The role of friends in an international student’s experience here cannot be undervalued, and the students would be so grateful for your attention. You will play an important role in helping the students feel a connection while they're here. Also, your ability to chat with them about American culture and to learn about their cultures will offer the students a rich experience outside their course work and lectures. Land@GT requires only a small time commitment throughout the semester. Recommended activities: -Greet your student at the airport (or soon after their arrival on campus) and help them get settled during their first week in the US -Attend a welcome reception for all new exchange students - details TBA -Organize a few other outings throughout the semester with the exchange student (coffee, local restaurant, sporting events, shopping, creative!) If interested, please provide the following information and submit it by July 15. We want to have you matched up as soon as possible since new students will be arriving in a few weeks!
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