Thank you for your interest in having your product featured on Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! As a working mom of three boys (ages 1, 5 and 6) I review anything and everything that is relevant to our lives. We are a a family of many interests, such as arts/crafts, reading, sports, music, movies, video games and techie stuff. And of course also have to do the less enjoyed but mandatory things like cooking, cleaning and laundry. So there isn't a lot that we wouldn't be open to trying out. Please note that any sample products can not be returned due to time constraints. And straight site reviews are typically not accepted. Review proposals with incentives (i.e., giveaways or promotional discounts) are always appreciated. And I pride myself on writing a completely honest review in a very personal tone. So you can pretty much expect that a review will likely include a least some of my typical sarcasm/humor. I will keep in contact with you so that you will know when a review can be expected but please keep in mind that I do also have a full time job AND am a mom, to THREE kids, so those things do come first. But I will do my very best to make all reviews worth any wait!
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