Taskforce on Adapting Forests to Climate Change Expert List Form

The Taskforce on Adapting Forests to Climate Change (TAFCC) is a group of scientists and land managers that are particularly interested in understanding the potential effects of climate change on natural and planted forests in the western U.S. Our goal is to provide public and private forest landowners with science-based management options suitable for meeting diverse management objectives under alternative climate change scenarios. To provide our members with the state-of-the-art information we intend to create an expert list of scientists, researchers and field specialists focused on the climate change impacts on natural resources. I envision the role of the experts in our list as the opinion-making body in the area of potential impacts of changing climate on natural resources and management options, with special emphasis on forest ecosystems. I would like to invite you to share your expertise as a member of our expert list that will be available at the TAFCC website. If you agree your contact information to be added, please, provide your contact information and indicate your area of expertise in the form below. We will not use your contact information for purposes other than stated above, and we will not forward your information to any other party. We will make the necessary effort to secure e-mail addresses in our list to avoid unsolicited e-mail. Thank you very much for your involvement. Daniel J. Chmura Director Taskforce on Adapting Forests to Climate Change Oregon State University
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